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Commercial Real Estate Connect 5 of the most expensive properties in Nashville

5 of the most expensive properties in Nashville

The 5 most expensive homes in Nashville are getting a major makeover, thanks to an affordable housing project that is attracting national attention.

The $2.5 billion Kauai Estate Sale Center, located on the edge of the city, was designed by architect Scott L. Hagerty, who has designed several of Nashville’s tallest buildings.

The project, which is expected to open in 2018, is slated to be home to nearly 600 homes and apartments, along with an office complex.

Hagers designs for the likes of Marriott, Hilton, Marriott Marquis and Marriott Grand Hyatt.

In the project’s design document, the architect describes the complex as “a multi-purpose development that includes the core of Kauai, a city-owned community center, a hotel, a shopping mall, and a park.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Hagert said he is “deeply grateful to the city of Kaua’i for giving me the opportunity to design a beautiful new city center.”

He added, “The Kauai community will always be part of the fabric of the community and I am proud to have the opportunity and responsibility to design this unique new facility.”

The complex is set to feature more than 200 condominiums, a luxury hotel, four-story residential towers and a residential tower that includes a hotel.

The city of Honolulu plans to spend $8.7 million to renovate and extend the complex.

The Honolulu Art Center plans to build two towers on the site, one for apartments and one for condominium units.

The two towers will be built on a five-acre site that was purchased in 2019 for $11.3 million.

The land is currently owned by a group of real estate developers, including the Kealakee Development Group, the former owners of the Kailua Towers.

Kealakes owner and chairman Joe Kealaka said the project is expected bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

“We think it’s going to be an incredibly important piece of our development in the community,” he said.

The development is expected not only to create thousands of new jobs, but to help the local economy.

The Kealakas plan to invest in a large-scale hotel and retail center that will open next year.

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