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Commercial Real Estate Connect Australia’s hottest new housing development is rolling hills estate

Australia’s hottest new housing development is rolling hills estate

In a land of high-rise condos and luxury apartments, Coran Real Estate has created an entire new class of affordable and high-quality housing.

The project, which is located just outside the town of Coronaville in Queensland, will be Australia’s first rolling hills residential development.

Built on land owned by the Australian Government, the Coran Estate will offer residents a community of homes in the middle of rolling hills.

The Coran Family’s sprawling and iconic rolling hills property has a stunning view of the rolling hills, with a unique design that makes the property feel like a place to visit and stay.

Built with $100 million of federal funding, the project has already attracted a large number of residents and investors, and is now being touted as a key catalyst for housing affordability.

The new home is the first of its kind to be built on rolling hills in Australia, and the developers say it will offer people the opportunity to live in a community unlike any other in Australia.

In its first phase, the rolling hill community will include six houses, four apartments, three townhouses, and a garage.

It will be fully accessible to all ages and abilities.

“Rolling hills are a fantastic place to live and work, and this community will allow people to work, live, play and visit in an environment that is unique to Australia,” said the Corans co-founder, Andrew Coran.

The rolling hills have an abundance of beautiful and iconic scenery that is perfect for a rolling hill, and it will be an incredible place to relax and unwind on an afternoon stroll.

The developer says the Corangans rolling hills project is a way for the community to create and expand a sense of community in the rolling mountains.

“We’re committed to creating a truly global and inclusive community in rolling hills,” said Coran in a statement.

“A community like this is unique in Australia and can only be achieved by creating a community in a place that is truly unique, a place where everyone is treated equally, and everyone feels valued.”

The Corans rolling hill project will be a model for other communities around the country, including the nearby rolling hills of Coomera, New South Wales and Adelaide.

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