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Commercial Real Estate Countries How to build a $4.7M mansion with just $2.5M in renovations

How to build a $4.7M mansion with just $2.5M in renovations

Today we look at the construction of a $2 million, 1.5 million square foot mansion in a Tampa suburb.

We are building a 1,500 square foot, 1,000 square foot penthouse with 1,300 square feet of living room and 2 bedrooms for the price of just $4,700,000.

There is an 8,000 sq ft backyard and we also purchased a large pond for the backyard area.

We will be using the land for a pool, outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a large indoor/outdoor garden.

The property is being sold to a real estate developer who plans to build an upscale, two-story home with an entryway, large living room, and dining room.

The developer plans to demolish the existing building to build the mansion and then redevelop the land and build a larger home for his family.

The mansion is going to be an amazing addition to a desirable area in the Tampa Bay area.

The price will be $2,539,800.00.

This is the home of two of the most famous people in the world.

It is the largest home in Tampa Bay and is located on the edge of a small lake.

The home is located in the same neighborhood as a popular beachside hotel and a golf course.

It has a large pool and the surrounding area is beautiful.

The current owner is the owner of the Tampa Red Wings.

The family owns a large and prestigious real estate business.

This property is owned by the family and it is an honor to own it.

The project is expected to be completed by spring 2018.

The price is going up every year and it will be an incredible addition to this wonderful area in Tampa.

The property will be sold in January 2019 to a local businessman who is going for an even bigger project.

The home will be worth about $2 billion.

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