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Commercial Real Estate Career advice How to find a home in Asheville, NC for $4.3M deal

How to find a home in Asheville, NC for $4.3M deal

With a $4 million price tag and the help of a local real estate agent, Biltmore Estate Asheville is planning to build a house for $3.3 million in the city.

The property is located in the historic Biltby Creek neighborhood, and is currently owned by the same family who own the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel in Asheville.

The buyer has been identified as James S. and Jane B. Lee.

The realtor, Richard G. Bowers, said the couple purchased the home in August.

He said they wanted to be able to “create an investment for the future.”

They are now looking to buy it for $2.4 million, which would give them about $1.9 million in net proceeds.

Biltwell’s agent, Scott Schuster, said they are interested in the property “because it is unique.”

Schuster said he plans to work with the seller and his agent to come up with a price.

“I will be able work with them on a contract to get a reasonable price, he said.

He hopes to work out a price that reflects the value of the property.

Bower has been selling properties for more than 40 years, but this is the first he has sold a home.

He owns the home on which the Waldorf was built in 1928, and said it was a major part of the family history.

He also said he has a history of owning homes and apartments in the Asheville area.

The home is one of three properties in the area currently listed for sale. “

We are just excited to have this property on the market,” he said, adding he had been looking to purchase an existing home and was hopeful that a new home would come to fruition.

The home is one of three properties in the area currently listed for sale.

Boudreaux said the home is not a home for sale, but the home owner is planning on purchasing it.

Broughton said the seller has worked with Boulthorn and Broughson in the past.

He did not have an update on the sale, and no one from the seller’s firm responded to a message seeking comment.

The couple said the family had been planning to move to Asheville for about two years, and that they hoped to live in the community.

“It is a very special place for us, it is such a beautiful place, we have family here, and it is a wonderful city,” Broughtson said.

The price tag for the home, which was listed for $1,995,000 in January, is $1 million less than the asking price of the Waldorff.

The Waldorf sold in 2009 for $6.9 billion, and was renovated by the family for $14 million.

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