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How to get a home in the Lone Star State in a year

Real estate agents in Texas are selling their homes faster than ever.

With more than 2 million homes in the state under construction, it’s not surprising to see the demand for home ownership increasing.

It’s also not surprising that many agents are looking to sell at a faster pace than ever before.

Texas real estate agents are on the rise.

From August through the end of the year, agents sold more than 4 million homes, according to the National Association of Realtors.

It was the most sales since the year began in 2006.

The number of new home sales rose 4.3% to 1.3 million, and the median sale price rose 2.9%.

As the market continues to mature, real estate agent Mike Dennison expects agents to increase their sales, saying he’s seen agents working two days a week to get their inventory in the market.

He said he expects agents are able to cut down on sales costs by making their agents’ salaries competitive with the highest-paid professionals.

Real estate agent, Joe Miller says sales are up more than 40% since 2014.

He has been seeing more agents get hired as he has seen a rise in new agents hiring, he said.

Dennion says agents can expect to see more agents coming to Texas for the holidays, which are traditionally slow sales times.

For many, the holiday season is a good time to sell.

“There’s no shortage of sales and no shortage on demand,” he said, adding agents can’t help but look for ways to help their clients sell their homes.

Denny, who works as an agent in Dallas, says he’s selling more properties than ever since he opened his office in 2018.

“Sales are up by 40% every year and the number of homes being sold are up exponentially,” Denny said.

“I can’t tell you how many people have come to me and said, ‘You know, I’m ready to sell,’ ” Denny added.

“We have more agents in the city than ever and we are seeing a very good flow of agents into Dallas.”

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