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How to get a new home in spain: real estate

Spanish real estate agent Manuel Barcelo has sold his entire house in the capital, Madrid, for €2.9 million, and plans to rent out the space to a family in the coming months.

The sale, completed on Sunday, was reportedly approved by the board of directors of the Real Estate Institute of Madrid, and Barcelos family, which owns several properties in Madrid, will move into the space in December.

Barcels family is a well-known real estate professional in Spain and is also a member of the board at Real Estate Barcelona.

“It’s a big loss for us.

We’re looking forward to renovating the house,” BarceloS family member, Manuel Carles, told local news station Radio Córdoba.”

We are looking forward with a big smile to the next chapter,” he added.

The family is currently working on renovating their previous home, which Barcelós bought in 2014 for €4 million, which they have been renovating since 2015.

The Spanish capital has experienced a rapid rise in the number of homes being sold in recent years, with the average sale price in 2017 reaching €1.4 million.

In addition, the average number of people who own a property in Spain has nearly doubled to around 3 million, making the country the third-most popular European market for buyers.

Barcelos family, however, is not the only family who has sold their home in recent weeks.

In April, a Spanish family bought their entire home in the northern city of Murcia, for around €3.4-million.

And in August, a family who had bought a house in La Cárdoba, Madrid’s southern suburb, sold their whole home for €1 million.

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