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Lawyer in Panama City real estate deal dies in mysterious plane crash

A Panama real estate lawyer who was a major player in the recent Panama Papers leak is dead in a plane crash in the Caribbean.

Nestor Barreto was a partner in Panama’s real estate industry and was a member of a group of Panamanian lawyers who helped to write the Panama Papers, a trove of more than 13.5 million documents detailing offshore financial dealings and business dealings of celebrities, politicians and wealthy individuals.

The Panama Papers have raised questions about the ethics of Panama’s current government, which is under investigation for graft.

A law firm he founded in 2010 was accused of bribing an official in a deal for an investment.

Barreto had also written a book about the Panama Canal project that he said had attracted more than 300,000 readers.

But last month, he died in a crash on his way to Panama City airport after a plane he was flying crashed, according to local media.

The crash came less than a week after Barretos death, after he was in Panama to attend a law conference, a Panamanians state-run newspaper reported.

Barreo, a native of Colombia who worked as a lawyer in the Panaman Island’s capital, was a leading voice in the country’s growing legal sector, particularly in cases involving human rights violations and tax evasion.

Barreso’s company was also one of the largest owners of the Panama-based law firm Panamanic Partners.

The firm was founded in 2002 by a group led by Barreta and his brother, a member a Panama City-based human rights organization called the National Center for Human Rights.

Barretto also founded a law firm that he ran with his brother that specializes in international law, and he was one of more then 200 lawyers and corporate lawyers in Panama who were listed in the Panama Transparency Report, a database maintained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

The Center for Public Integrity first reported the crash on Tuesday.

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