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Commercial Real Estate Connect Real estate classifier in Bangalore gets ‘unreal’ results

Real estate classifier in Bangalore gets ‘unreal’ results

The Real Estate classifier that is in Bangalore is “not as useful” as it might seem, says a senior software engineer at an Indian real estate company.

According to the Bangalore-based firm, the software company that has been using the product for some time has received “unreal” results from its classifier.

“We have been using Real Estate Classifier for some years now and we have had good results in the last few years,” says Gajendra Singh, vice-president of product at Bangalore- based Software Development Laboratory (SDL).

“Our classifier is working very well.

There is no reason why it is not working as it is.

However, some of the real estate classes have been reported unreal.”

Singh says that the classifier can help in real estate transactions by helping the agent to get a better price.

However in Bangalore, real estate agents say the classifiers results do not match with their clients.

“The classifier results are not as good as we were expecting.

We have to rely on our intuition and the realty agents to get the best prices,” says Rajesh Kumar, the managing director of Bengaluru-based real estate agent Kalyan, who also uses the product.

Kumar says that he has been seeing a surge in queries from the cities in India, as well as the UK and the US, that are looking for a real estate classifiers price.

“A lot of people have been trying to buy property in Bengaluru for several years now.

But in many cases, the realtor has to pay more money and the agent has to find more buyers,” he says.

Singh, however, is not worried about the classifications results.

“It’s all about how you use it.

I am happy that we have found a solution to this problem.

I have been working with the classifying system for more than five years.

It is a great classifier,” he adds.

The Real Estate Search engine classifies real estate in real-time and is also used in realty transactions.

The classifier, which is based on the information gathered by the realtors and other real estate intermediaries, helps agents to identify real estate properties, such as condominiums, apartments and houses.

However, Singh says that many real estate brokers in Bangalore do not use the classification system because they do not have the data they need to know the price of a property.

“Real estate brokers do not want to be connected with their real estate clients.

They use the Classifier system to collect data from brokers and real estate owners.

The Real estate Classifier classifies the properties in real time.

If the broker cannot collect the data, they send it to the real-estate agent,” he explains.

Real estate broker and owner Ramesh Kumar says that real estate professionals in Bangalore are still looking for better solutions for their clients who want to buy real estate.

“We do not give our clients a price.

We only ask them to fill up the online application and pay the fee,” he said.

Realty broker, Vasant Verma agrees.

“I used to work with the Classify system in Bangalore.

But now, I am using the Real Estate search engine classifier for real estate and I am getting much better results,” he added.”

It is not so helpful in real world because we do not know what the real market price of the property is.

So, we have to use the Real estate search engine to find out what the market price is,” Verma added.

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