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Commercial Real Estate Career advice Real Estate One: Get free real-estate apps with this one-time-only deal

Real Estate One: Get free real-estate apps with this one-time-only deal

This week, the app-store giant launched Real Estate ONE, a free real life-management app that lets users create real-life properties, sell them, and keep ownership for their own use.

In a video released Monday, the company’s CEO, Sam Dominguez, told investors that he plans to launch other Real Estate apps in the future.

The company’s Real Estate app, which is free for all, was designed with the same goal as its competitors, to give users a platform to manage their real estate assets in a real-time manner.

“Real estate is our industry’s most popular area of focus, and Real Estate has a long history of making it easy for people to invest in real estate,” Domingue said in the video.

“The goal of Real Estate is to empower people to manage and control their own real estate.”

While the company has a few major competitors like Real Estate, Real EstateONE, and PropertyTrader, it is worth noting that Real EstateOne’s app is different from the other apps.

While it does offer a suite of tools that allow users to create real estate and sell it to other users, the real estate app doesn’t offer any sort of market intelligence to help users decide how to allocate their money.

Dominguez told investors during the video that he wants to make the Real EstateApp easier to use, but also to provide more detailed tools to help investors make smarter decisions.

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