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Commercial Real Estate Countries Trump and Carson: What the data tells us about them

Trump and Carson: What the data tells us about them

The Real Estate Signs section on this website has a long history of exploring trends in real estate signs and marketing trends in the United States.

The data on which this article is based is from the last 12 months.

The 2016 presidential election brought a lot of attention to signs and sales, particularly in the Northeast and the South, with some predictions of a bumper crop of signs in the final months of the year.

A big question mark was over what Trump and his Republican opponents would do about signs.

Here are a few things you might not know about Trump’s administration: The Trump administration is in the midst of a big push to make real estate sales more efficient.

Carson has been trying to turn out signs for months.

And there are signs the president is also getting more creative with his campaign signs.

Trump’s administration has been working on a sign-friendly campaign for months, and Trump has taken his cues from his predecessor, Barack Obama, who pushed signs to encourage the public to buy homes, and his son, Barron, who promoted signs for his family and businesses.

Signs in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan, N.Y., June 28, 2018.

(Reuters photo: Yuri Gripas)In January, the Trump administration announced that it would be using the National Environmental Policy Act to enforce new rules for how much energy a sign can emit and how long a sign is allowed to be in use.

Trump has also proposed a national environmental agenda that includes cutting greenhouse gas emissions, cutting the price of gasoline, creating jobs, and investing in the economy.

Trump’s environmental policies have been met with opposition, and in the months before the election, a number of prominent sign companies and organizations, including the National Association of Manufacturers, wrote to the Trump Administration urging that Trump not sign any regulations that might negatively impact their business.

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