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Commercial Real Estate Countries What’s in a name? 10 real estate-related meme names you’ll love and hate

What’s in a name? 10 real estate-related meme names you’ll love and hate

The internet has become a place where a name has become more important than the content of that name.

Here are 10 of the most famous real estate meme names, as voted on by the Internet Community and the media.


The Pimpernel Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois, is named after the “Pimpernels,” the neighborhood where it’s located.

It’s an urban legend that the Pimplelles are named after a former neighborhood that was once a Pimpennel.

Pimpers are a family who moved to Chicago in the late 1800s.


The Bauhaus in Chicago is named for architect Friedrich Becker, who designed many of the architecture styles in Chicago’s 1920s and 1930s.

It is one of the oldest real estate names in Chicago and one of its most famous buildings.


The Great Courtyard at the Biltmore Estate is named in honor of architect Henry Bilta, who built the Bespoke Dining Room in the 1880s at the home of the B&M Hotel.


The L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in New York City is named because of its proximity to the World Trade Center.

It has been called the world’s largest hotel.


The White Horse House in Houston, Texas, is nicknamed the White Horse for the first time in the history of the country.


The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C., is named by the people of Washington for its location at the intersection of the Potomac River and the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge.


The Hilton in Houston is named the Hotel Houston because of the hotel’s location in the Hilton district, which is named so because of several buildings that have been built on the site of the old Hilton.


The Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta is named as a tribute to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy-Sylvester and her husband, former President Jimmy Carter.


The Four Seasons Resort in the resort community of Brevard, Florida, is the name of the property, because of two houses on the property that are named for the First Ladies.


The Mandarin Oriental in Miami is named a tribute because of Chinese roots.

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