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When a real estate agent is a bad influence

The Alabama real estate industry is so dysfunctional that one real estate broker who is notorious for his unprofessional and unsolicited advice is making headlines.

A recent report from the Alabama Real Estate Board (AREB) revealed that Richard C. Brooks was in charge of buying and selling properties and was the sole agent for the entire state of Alabama.

Brooks’ influence was so bad that the AREB took him into their office and forced him to leave his position after they found he was making the same mistakes every other real estate transaction he made was.

The report states that Brooks made more than 100 mistakes with over 100 different real estate agents across the state.

Brokins was also responsible for a massive amount of bad advice on every property sale he made.

For example, he told a buyer he was able to sell the property for less than its market value and the buyer had to pay more than its fair market value.

Brokes also made mistakes when selling a home that he was supposed to have sold for $200,000 but ended up paying nearly $300,000 for it.

He made even more of his mistakes with the sale of a home for $100,000, but he paid $200 in taxes and lost the home to foreclosure.

Brookes has not been charged with any crimes in connection with the ARB report.

The real estate board says that the problems with Brooks began after the report was released, but it does not know why he took over.

The real estate boards chief inspector, William P. Miller, also made multiple mistakes.

The inspector found that Brooks was taking too long to get the paperwork in place and failing to complete any of the required inspections.

Brocks was also caught making incorrect information to a realtor and was asked to provide information that could have helped the realtor determine if he was qualified to be the agent for a particular property.

Miller is also in charge over the sale process and he is currently facing ethics charges after the ARBEB uncovered that he did not complete all the required paperwork.

Miller has not responded to Ars’ request for comment.

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