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Commercial Real Estate Connect When it comes to the future of the Sarasota area, there is a lot of uncertainty

When it comes to the future of the Sarasota area, there is a lot of uncertainty

REDFORD, Ohio – There are no signs of the future for the sleepy suburban neighborhood that was once home to hundreds of homes in SarasOTA, Ohio.

But the town has changed a lot since it was home to a workforce of 1,300 people in the early 1900s.

The town’s former leader, Thomas F. McAllister, who died in 2001, owned several homes in the town and bought a large parcel of land in the area.

McDonough, who owned a business in Sarota for several years, moved his business to the Sarota-Hamilton area in the 1960s.

He built a large warehouse in the old Sarasotas Manufacturing plant and moved into the warehouse.

McAllister and his wife, Rosalie, built a house on a hillside just north of the railroad tracks and were the first people to settle the area, according to a former neighbor, Bill Miller.

Miller remembers McAllisters family as kind and generous.

“He was the only one who would work the land, which was really nice,” Miller said.

In the late 1970s, McAllists farm turned into a home and, after McAllies death in 2003, McDonos property was sold to a local company, which eventually purchased the house, Miller said, adding, “McAllisters was the first one to build the house.

After his death, a lot happened.

There was a lot more development in the neighborhood.

People started moving out.

There were a lot fewer people.”

In the years since McAlliers death, the neighborhood has changed dramatically.

The property that was built in the 1800s is now a large home park and playground for children, Miller explained.

There are no more homes in town.

A nearby parcel is being used as a golf course and is home to the American Eagle Golf Course.

McAlliers house was sold last year for $4.3 million.

Miller said that’s more than McAlliis family has ever paid for a home in Sarasestota.

But McAllisi family members say the real estate is in bad shape and that they may need to sell their home before it’s redeveloped.

“The neighborhood has been in decline for years and it’s just a shame because it was really a great place to live,” said McAllis wife, Linda.

For more information on Redfin realestate, visit or call 788-937-1060.

Redfin Real Estate has acquired the entire property and is now developing the property for redevelopment.

This is the first time Redfin has acquired a real estate property in Saratsota, according, Miller.

“Redfin has an amazing track record of helping homeowners get the job done,” said Redfin’s president and chief operating officer, Jim Meeks.

Redfin, the second-largest real estate brokerage in the country, has nearly $100 billion in assets under management, according.

It operates in more than 60 countries and provides solutions for businesses of all sizes.

In addition to Redfin, Redfin is a part of the global Redfin Group, which has assets worth $7.6 billion.

Redfin also is the third-largest property investment company in the United States, with more than $1.2 billion under management.

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