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Commercial Real Estate Our Works Why do real estate agents and investors like to talk about ‘golden handcuffs’?

Why do real estate agents and investors like to talk about ‘golden handcuffs’?

The real estate industry has a reputation for being a highly-competitive business, and some real estate experts have argued that’s because it’s also a highly regulated industry.

But new research from the University of Delaware shows that even if you’re not a licensed real estate agent, you can still be a real estate investor.

“What is the real estate market?

It’s the people who live there.

It’s all of us,” said Dr. Matthew B. Kochel, professor of management and economics at the University Wilmington and one of the authors of the study.

“It’s all the folks who have real estate in their home and who live and work in their homes.”

The study found that more than half of all real estate investors say they buy and sell real estate to make a profit, and more than a quarter of them say they do it because they are looking for a way to make money.

This is just one study, and Kocher said that the findings don’t necessarily mean that real estate is a bubble, or that investors are losing money.

He noted that there are real estate companies that are doing well, but they have very little exposure to the market.

He said if you don’t understand the market, you are not going to get much profit out of your investments.

And that could lead to the problem of people who are in the real world not understanding the market or being exposed to it.

Kontakounis said the study is important because it suggests that some realtors are actually being very honest with their clients.

“I’ve heard that people in real estate are very, very upfront and transparent and have no real estate business experience, and that is true,” Kontkounis told ABC News.

“There are some realtor’s that don’t even have a realtor license.

That’s one of those things.”

The researchers found that a significant portion of the realtor population surveyed also said that they weren’t aware of how to market a real property.

But they also found that there were plenty of opportunities to find out about the market and how to make an investment, as well as opportunities to do that without a realtor license.

For example, some realty agents have an online video course called “Buyer Beware,” which has been featured on the Discovery Channel.

Kowalski said that there is also a wealth of research on how to get a real-estate loan.

For instance, the realtoring industry was recently ranked the second most transparent real estate company in the country by Transparency International, a nonprofit that works to improve the transparency of the U.S. economy.

The study also found the realty industry has more diversity in terms of age, income, and education than other industries.

The researchers said that this diversity makes it easier for people to understand and compare real estate prices.

“Real estate has this ability to be highly competitive and competitively priced,” Koche said.

“That means there are plenty of investors that are very interested in realtor education.

And they have to be very careful.”

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